Committees: Research

Research - Jim Morris, USGS, Chair - The research and data team will synthesize existing data into format useable for watershed analysis across the three states, identify gaps in existing data or knowledge, prioritize needs for data, research, and/other needed technical work.

WLEB Water Withdrawal Atlas - WLEB Summary - Full Report

Lake Erie Nutrient Loading and Harmful Algal Blooms: Research Findings and Management Implications view complete report here 


IJC, Great Lakes St. Lawrence Research Inventory
IJC, Council of Great Lakes Research Managers
Lake Erie Millennium Network


Streamflow - Ohio
Streamflow - Indiana
Streamflow - Michigan (note: there are no MI gauges in the WLEB)
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National Weather Service
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Michigan Forecast Center (no forecast sites in WLEB area)
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Heidelberg Univeristy
National Center for Water Quality Research

Great Lakes Regional Collaboration
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Great Lakes Policy & Direction on Research & Data

U.S. EPA, Great Lakes National Program Office
Lake Erie Lakewide Management Plan (LaMP)
Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI)
GLRI Multi-Year Action Plan

Great Lakes Regional Collaboration
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Ohio Lake Erie Commission
Lake Erie Protection & Restoration Plan - 2008
Lake Erie Quality Index - 2004

Ohio EPA
Ohio Lake Erie Phosphorus Task Force

Historical Assessments of Streamflow and Water Quality Activities
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